Do you feel like time is your enemy?

Is your goal to be a parent who is present?

Do you wonder how to find time for everything that needs to be done AND find time for yourself ?

I get it, I've been there, too! As a mom of 4 with a corporate job at the time of their births, I know how it is to feel so vulnerable… and at the same time so eager to be the best mom, the best wife, the best worker, the best version of yourself!

The good news is that you don’t have to power through on your own anymore.

For too long, I wasted so much time and energy on figuring out my next step to have a lighter, simplified and happier home life, constantly changing tactics and tools, while doubting myself and my abilities as a mom, a worker and a wife.

Working together, I will help you:

  •  Get clarity on the key systems needed to manage your day-to-day when you have a career and an intense family life: Easy & realistic Meal-Planning, Family Calendar, Custom-made Routines, Weekly review, Paper system
  • Create a plan for you to know exactly how to implement them step-by-step
  • Work on your confidence and belief in your own capability by identifying how the lack of time and Mom-Guilt play in your favour - Yes, they really do ☺️
  • Create space in your days and weeks to help you get away from overwhelm & exhaustion and get closer to the happier mom you want to be

Since each mom is so uniquely different, I created a list of 6 modules so you can build the coaching program that perfectly fits your unique needs and situation.

  • Module 1 - Easy and achievable Meal-Planning to save 2 hours per week
  • Module 2 - Custom-made routines to prioritize quality time with your loved ones and your well-being at home
  • Module 3 - Family Calendar to share the overwhelming mental load once and for all
  • Module 4 - Weekly and Monthly review - the hidden gems of a mom's productivity
  • Module 5 - Papers and To-dos Management System - to actually get more done and make things happen
  • Module 6 - Mental Toughness for Moms

This framework offers you:

  • A scalable and flexible approach that evolves with your unique needs, the age of your children and your family specifics
  • Less stress and fewer tensions at home
  • More self-confidence, more serenity and, most of all, extra time to look out for yourself and to pursue your passion, to work out, go shopping or to see your friends!

How does it works in 4 easy steps?

At the end of the three months, we celebrate your success and see what comes next!

You will also receive:

  • 24/7 unlimited e-mail support with a guaranteed response within 24 hours
  • Weekly worksheets
  • All the done-for-you templates, printable tools and organizing documents needed to implement your systems: Meal Planning templates, Paper management checklists, templates for your Weekly and Monthly review and so much more.
  • Accountability e-mails from me to make sure you are making progress

Pay in Full

$1500/3 months

Let's Talk!

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Let's Talk!

Still on the fence about investing?

  • Q."What's the difference between a self-help book about organization or time-management and this Coaching Program?"

    A.Every step in the right direction will make your home life lighter and simpler. But hiring an Organizing Coach allows you to get tangible results faster and with accountability. You’re leveraging a financial investment to boost your determination and get tailored support to fit your unique specific needs and situation.

  • Q."This feels like a steep investment, how much risk am I taking?"

    A.Do you know what it’s costing you each day that you stay tired, torn between your kids and your work and not take action towards a more harmonious life? It’s costing your restlessness, lack of motivation, feeling overwhelmed or sad – and when it comes to your behaviour, it’s costing you social withdrawal, exercising less often or sometimes even overeating. So yes, a coaching program is an investment: it is an investment in a more harmonious and more healthy life. As for the risk you’re taking, consider that you’ll benefit from my experience as a working mom of 4 and from my library of organizing documents to help you set up your new systems at home, save tons of time and regain your sanity. Your only precaution should be to honestly assess your own level of determination.

  • Q."Is this a good purchase? What if I don't see results?"

    A.Purchasing a coaching program will help you define specific goals and achieve tangible results faster and with accountability.  It’s a lifetime paradigm shift where you will gain better clarity and many new skills for the years to come. You will see tangible results as long as you’ re ready to implement the action steps,  to listen to feedback and to take responsibility for your goals”


“Elise came to the rescue with her coaching sessions where we’d talk, review and discuss my goals, needs and priorities; defining next steps and the tools that I am still using today to stay organized. It was such a relief to talk to someone who genuinely understood my challenges.

Zineb Mom of 2

Say "Bonjour" to a happier and more organized version of yourself!

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