Be a happier working mom, find balance and manage your home-life like a Pro.

Do you feel like time is your enemy?

Is your goal to be a parent who is present?

Do you wonder how to find time for everything that needs to be done AND find time for yourself ?

I get it, I’ve been there, too! As a mom of 5 I know how it is to feel so vulnerable… and at the same time so eager to be the best mom, the best wife, the best worker, the best version of yourself!

The good news is that more joy and simplicity are within reach.

Working together, I will help you:
  • Create more space, more serenity and an simplified home life by implementing the key principles of the KonMari Method®
  • Get clarity on the key systems needed to manage your day-to-day when you have a career and an intense family life: Easy & realistic Meal-Planning, Family Calendar, Custom-made Routines, Weekly review, Paper system
  • Create a plan for you to know exactly how to implement them step-by-step
  • Work on your confidence and belief in your own capability by identifying how the lack of time and Mom-Guilt play in your favor – Yes, they really do
Our personalized coaching sessions will offer you:
  • A scalable and flexible approach that evolves with your unique needs, the age of your children and your family specifics
  • Less stress and fewer tensions at home
  • More self-confidence, more serenity and, most of all, extra time to dedicate to what truly matters most in your life

How does it works in 4 easy steps?

At the end of the three months, we celebrate your success and see what comes next!

You will also receive:

  • 24/7 unlimited e-mail support with a guaranteed response within 24 hours
  • Weekly worksheets
  • All the done-for-you templates, printable tools and organizing documents needed to implement your systems: Meal Planning templates, Paper management checklists, templates for your Weekly and Monthly review and so much more.
  • Accountability e-mails from me to make sure you are making progress

Pay in Full
$1500/3 months

Payement Plan