Parents, let's declutter your home!

My tidying goal is to help parents lead a family life that sparks joy.

Together we’ll reassess your belongings and organize your home for good!

Elise Vaidis
Want a relaxing home?

With the KonMari Method® as a tool,
you will:

Define your ideal lifestyle
Focus on what to keep
Give everything a home
Discard with gratitude
Put your house in order
Bring serenity and order to your home
Work one category of belongings at a time​
Experience a powerful reset of your life

As a Certified KonMari® Consultant, I will be your relatable coach, tidying expert & accountability partner!

Hello! My name is Elise, I’m a Certified Professional Organizer, a wife and a happy mom of 5.  Like you, everyday, my house is put upside down by the kids an all our family activities. But at the end of the day? Everything has a home so we can all –parents & children– experience a clutter-free, soothing, and visually pleasing environment. My goal as a Tidying Consultant is to help you start AND finish your KonMari® Festival, so that you can finally live the family life you want. No more toys, shoes, and paper overflowing everywhere! Before anything, we start by defining your ideal lifestyle. This is achieved by working together in projecting yourself in your ideal environment. Then we work together one category of belonging at a time: 1. Clothes 2. Books 3. Papers 4. Komono (Misc items) 5. Sentimental Items

Are you truly committed to put away clutter?

Want to find out if the KonMari Method® is a fit for you?

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