To help you transition to a smoother everyday life, I decided to launch a new concept of Organization Kit.

I have a whole bunch of different kinds and you can now find them in OhContraireBoutique on Etsy.com!

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It’s New Year’s Eve!! Isn’t it amazing how fast this year went?

In 12 months, my life has changed in so many ways : a sweet new baby boy, our move from France to the US, new friends for me and the family. What a year! Hum… let’s see, did I see it coming ? Not at all. And I had many resolutions for the new year, back in December 2014. You can guess I had some difficulties keeping them throughout the year – what about you?

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Yesterday, a dear friend of mine asked me to help her with her routines.  It made me wonder: are routines really such a good tool for us?  We already struggle with our kids’ routines and our own busy schedules.  Do we really need to add more structure to our already overscheduled lives?

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