The 3 biggest Home Organizing Myths

The 3 biggest Home Organizing Myths

Did you ever have a peek at the pages of an interior design magazine and thought “Wow! This looks soooo organized!”… although that space was not organized at all… it was simply STAGED. So today, let’s dismantle some of the biggest misconceptions about home organization, shall we? By exposing myths and facts about home organization, we’ll soon realise that it’s really so much simpler and doable than we thought.

Myth #1 “I don’t have enough storage space”


You can’t park a second car in the garage any more…  or even the first car 😉. You have so many clothes in your closet that your blouses get wrinkled. The toys are really all over the place in the family room.

Well, let’s acknowledge that this has nothing to do with the actual space of your closet, or your garage, or the size of your family room. Instead, this has everything to do with the amount of un-loved, unused or sometimes even damaged items kept in this space… IN ADDITION to the items you do love, use and which are in good shape. Do you really need to keep all of this? What clothes did you actually wore these past 2 years? Does your 6-year-old really need every one and each of his wooden puzzles from when he was a baby? Does camping gear really need to be stored on the floor all year long?

My recommendation:

Yes, that’s true, some people do live in tiny-weird-shaped houses (Hello, my Dubliner Friends!!!). But are you really one of them? When it comes to home organization, choose one of your most cluttered areas, grab a trash can and a donation bag. Then challenge yourself to put at least 10 items in each. If that was easy, well… here’s your proof you need more decluttering…. than space.

Myth #2 “Labels and bins will help the kids tidy up their space”


You bought some cute bins for the toys, you sorted out a million toys and organized them neatly in labelled containers. Now your toddlers and elementary-age kids should be able to keep up with this system, right? Well, wrong. How long do you think the toys will actually stay in those pretty labelled bins?

My recommendation:

Yes, labels and bins are moms’ best friends. And yes, sorting out toys and putting them in containers will definitely be so helpful… for a while. But what about the new toys? What about kids being bored or upset and putting away all the toys at once? Without a maintenance plan, you’ll be back at square 1 in 3 months, and that’s too bad, considering all the efforts you put in this organizing.

This is where home organization requires some intentionality: make a habit of tidying the space with the kids at least once a week. Setting up a reminder on your family calendar and review your toy-organizing-system every 3 to 6 months is another helpful strategy. Try maybe a toy rotation too! And definitely review the situation with the kids before birthdays and Christmas to make room for the new toys. Keeping a donation box for toys in the family room is a must have too!

Myth #3 “I don’t have time to organize”


Especially if you’re a crazy-busy mom, well, most organizing projects will seem like distant and daunting tasks:
– Spending a whole weekend to declutter and clean the garage by yourself -and pray your husband and kids will give a hand
– Or dedicating one afternoon in a department store to find new baskets and bins for your kids closet
– Even putting away the winter coats, gear and clothes can sometimes remain on your to-do list for months (I’ve been there too!!)

My recommendation:

Home Organization is all about breaking down big projects into baby steps…. and sharing the load with the ones you live with!

First of all, you really don’t HAVE to organize anything.

When life gets very busy, it’s sometimes smarter to spend some time reflecting on your goals and what you really want to achieve the next semester as a mom and a wife and in your job…. than putting away Winter gear. That being said, when an organizing project really needs to get done, stop thinking you’re alone! Take a step back and try to get some help: a friend could brainstorm with you and give a hand, your husband could share the load this weekend, even your oldest kids can help for a while. Hiring help is another option too: you’ll get speed and accountability. Wanna see results fast? I can help! See my availabilities here

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Stay tuned for more Home Organizing myths:
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Myth #5 “An organized house should look like a picture-perfect one”
Myth #6 “I’m so overwhelmed, I can’t organize”

Happy Organizing!


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