Fashion tips from Paris for all moms! (3/3)

Fashion tips from Paris for all moms! (3/3)

For years, I’ve been under the feeling that having a “fashion designer’s eye” is a rare gift that some women have… which obviously I had NOT been born with. I also thought that putting together a fashionable or eye-catching outfit for some special occasions was a skill some women probably receive from birth. Don’t they?

Then, wandering the streets of Paris this summer, surrounded by outstanding Parisian style outfits, I kept asking myself the same question: could it be possible to just have a simple recipe to create a no-fail stylish outfit?

Last weeks on the blog, we already discussed two fashion strategies: the Uniform and the Capsule Wardrobe. Today, I’d like to take you in my quest for great outfits and personal style with a third strategy called The Focal Point.

Strategy #3: Create a stunning outfit with the Focal Point!

The saying goes: a picture is worth ten thousand words, right? Let’s take a look at these outfits.

As you already guessed, this recipe is a simple and easy one!

Step 1 – Dig deep in your closet!

I’m sure you have a least one stunning piece of clothes put away deep deep deep in your closet.

Maybe it’s a cocktail dress you thought you’ll never be able to wear again?

Or maybe it’s a bold and colorful pattern on a simple blouse that keeps you from wearing the blouse again? Or else it’s a stunning pair of shoes or a bold color on a purse?

Take a deep breath, give your personal style a favor and exhume this precious treasure from your closet!

Step 2 – Find complementary pieces of clothes to make it work

I’m positive you’ll find loads of inspiration on any fashion Pinterest board, but don’t hesitate to just try different options to “cool down” your little treasure. Some examples include:

  • a simple round-neck black cardigan on a cocktail dress, and flats
  • a white pair of linen trousers and nude sandals to enhance a bold and colorful pattern on a blouse
  • a minimalist outfit to leverage a stunning pair of heels
  • Casual outfits in light shades of blue and a pair of jeans to use a fabulous purse as your Focal Point

As you see, the possibilities are endless!

Step 3 – Be yourself and wear it with confidence!

In fact, you really don’t need a special occasion to use the Focal Point Strategy. This is my belief that any outfit worn with a smile and a tiny dose of confidence will brighten your day -and mine!- and help us feel the happiest woman in the universe

As for me, I’ll make the Focal Point strategy work for my bright red skirt all summer long

Happy organizing, Girls!


This is the third post in a series of 3, where I share what my trip to Paris told me about personal style and fashion strategies for us, Moms.To keep everything nice and tidy, here’s the link to the other posts in the series:

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