Fashion tips from Paris for all moms! (2/3)

Fashion tips from Paris for all moms! (2/3)

In my previous post I told you how one trip to Paris made me realize how simple strategies can help us, Moms, feel fabulous and stylish all year long… instead of feeling “blah” most days of our busy life as a mom.

Need to check that out again? Read more about Strategy #1 – the Uniform

So this week I’m super excited to tell you all about the second strategy for great fashion and personal style, which is: the Capsule Wardrobe.

Strategy #2 – Try a Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Did you ever ask yourself what could be the unique formula for a fashionista’s closet? The answer is at reach, Sisters!! It’s called a mix-and-match capsule wardrobe.

By definition, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothes and accessories that include only items considered essential.

The main idea is to select:

  • ONLY a few items of your actual wardrobe,
  • and ONLY items that will mix and match together.

Ready? Set. Go!

Step 1: Choose your base color

First of all, let’s choose the base color of your Capsule Wardrobe. WHITE is my go-to base color for a no-fail summer fashion, but others options – suitable for summer – include navy and beige.

Of course, Girls, if you’re reading this and it’s not summer anymore, I’m sure you already figured that your base color should be navy OR black.

Step 2: Select 5 tops + 2 bottoms in the base color of your choice

I know, I know, 5 and 2 may seem like random numbers, too many… or maybe even too few items depending on where you are right now. But please hear me out! This 7 items will be the staples of your wardrobe. Using more than 7 items in the base color will defeat the purpose of the Capsule Wardrobe, which is to help you look stylish AND simplify your mornings.

To give you some real-life example, my 7 items this summer are:

5 tops in the base color of my choice – white:

  • one white round neck blouse with lace
  • one white V neck blouse with some sequins near the collar
  • one white top with fine straps
  • one white Tshirt with some light gray polka dots
  • one white Tshirt with some golden patterns all over

In addition to that, I’ll have 2 bottoms in the base color of my choice – white:

  • one pair of white jeans, skinny
  • one pair or white trouser, linen

Step 3: Select 3 tops + 3 bottoms + 1 dress in colors that coordinate with your base color

The easiest way to make this work is is to stick to colors that coordinate well with each other, such as tan, navy, olive, denim, black and all the blue shades. Choose 7 additional items in these colors.

Finally, one additional pastel color is possible if you’re really into it, but be aware that any additional color will make the mix-and-match thing really more challenging.

In my case, in step 3 I added these 7 items to my summer wardrobe :

  • one marinière Tshirt (am I a Parisian or not???)
  • one V neck coral blouse
  • 1 coral top with fine straps
  • one skirt in jeans in a medium blue shade
  • one pair of light blue jeans
  • one tan shirt
  • one black dress

Step 4: Now have some fun by adding layers and accessories in your favorite accent color!

As a result, if you followed steps 1 to 3, you should now have 8 tops, 5 bottoms and 1 dress you can mix and match easily. Now, you can have fun and add some bright colors and textures!

Is your favorite color for summer Aqua, a bright Yellow or Royal Blue? Go ahead and add some cardigans, shoes or accessories in this specific color! As for me, I’ve chosen Aqua as my accent color, specifically for summer jewelry such as colorful and fun earrings.

Wanna hear the best hack ever when it comes to the Capsule Wardrobe Strategy?

Use a dedicated rack in your bedroom just for your seasonal Capsule Wardrobe.

Put all the pieces of the Capsule on this rack: tops, bottoms, jewelry or accessories: everything. This way, you’ll be able to see everything, simplify mix&match and be ready in seconds!!

In conclusion, the Capsule Wardrobe strategy is probably THE no-fail strategy for us, Moms, for 3 main reasons:

  • a minimal amount of time is required to put the Capsule Wardrobe together,
  • it can save us tons of time in the morning,
  • and most of all it’s making us look put-together without even giving it a thought.

Wouldn’t this be a real victory for any busy mom?

Stay tuned for strategy #3 – The Focal Point!

Happy Organizing!


This is the second post in a series of 3, where I share what my trip to Paris told me about personal style and fashion strategies for us, Moms.To keep everything nice and tidy, here’s the link to the other posts in the series:

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