Fashion tips from Paris for all moms ! (1/3)

Fashion tips from Paris for all moms ! (1/3)

Isn’t summer the best season ever when it comes to fashion? As a lot of French women do, I do confess a slight fixation to summer cotton dresses 🙂 What about you, Girls? What do you have in mind when thinking about summer fashion for moms?

At one point, I found intriguing that putting together a stylish-enough outfit during summer was such a light, easy and enjoying process. Especially in comparison with choosing a winter-friendly outfit suitable for the Irish weather (more on our crazy expat life here)… A pair of pants, a sweater, a cami top to put onto it, the right socks in a desperate attempt to not have my feet frozen before the end of the day, then a coordinating winter coat and finally the boots when it’s (again) a raining day in Dublin…

Now, spending summer in France looks more like this:

Ha… summer!!!!

So I gave it a thought or two. Wouldn’t it be great to finally be able to dress in a more stylish way, more often, even in the midst of our crazy lives as moms?

So I paid special attention to the outfits I saw around me when wandering in the streets of Paris.

As you can imagine, I took millions of mental notes😜. And also I wondered: could we, Moms, use some sort of fashion strategies all year long to help us save time on mornings AND feel fabulous/put together more often? I have good news for you, Ladies. The answer is yes!! I was able to identify 3 strategies: the Uniform, the Capsule Wardrobe, and the Build-Around-a-Star-Piece Strategy.

Strategy #1 – The Uniform

This strategy could be called the “No Brainer Strategy”. The idea is to embrace simplicity. You create your own set of stylish – yes, stylish! – clothes that we’ll call “the uniform” and stick to this uniform most days of the week. If your uniform is a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves, a nice pair of jeans and ballerina flats, your closet will contain at least 5 different white shirts, 2 different pairs of jeans and 3 pairs of ballerina flats. You get the idea.

The hidden secret of women using the Uniform Strategy? They save soooo much time on mornings AND look super stylish without giving it a thought!!!

Step 1 – Begin with the end in mind!

A uniform is a set of clothes that have to be comfortable, functional AND stylish at the same time. So first, you’ll have to define what comfortable, functional and stylish means FOR YOU this summer.

  • Does it mean being able to run after a toddler, 2 teens, and a dog? Opt for pleated shorts and sleeveless blouses, for example.
  • Does it mean being feminine without feeling too warm? Button-down skirts or light linen dresses will work best!

Step 2 – Ready? Choose your uniform!

Then, and only then, browse your favorite brand website or even my personal Pinterest Board for quick fashion inspiration.

Your goal is to envision one combo – one “uniform” – that will work FOR YOU, that will suit YOUR schedule, priorities, and lifestyle.

The main idea is to come up with a combo of typical clothes that YOU find comfortable AND functional AND stylish. It could be a V neck top + cotton skirt + ballet flats. Or else, a summer dress + cardigan + wedge heels. It could also be decent-length shorts + tee + stylish sneakers. Choose ONE combo and stick to it: this is going to be your new uniform for most days of the week.

Now choose, first in your closet, then in store, the essentials that will have you dressed accordingly to the uniform you selected. You’ll need a least 5 tops, 2 bottoms and 2 pairs of shoes.

Step 3 – Invest in your closet… the smart way!

When you do find something that works for you, don’t buy just one. Buy a few and in different colors, it’s going to make your life so much easier when it comes to using and “twisting” your uniform.

As the goal of creating your “uniform” is to surround yourself with stylish AND functional clothes, if it says “hand-wash only” or “dry clean only” please please please…. put it back on the rack! Most of all, stay away from delicate fabrics like silk or rayon and avoid at all means fabrics that wrinkle easily or need ironing. You’ll thank me later 😊

Don’t be afraid to get bored with a uniform! In fact, it’s so simple and quick to add a little twist right there. Basic ideas are to use scarves, necklaces, a pair of new earrings, or just a new makeup look!

So, what do you say? Ready to take the plunge on this Uniform Strategy? Or eager to know more about the second strategy called the Capsule Wardrobe? Stay tuned next week for strategy #2 & 3!

Happy Organizing!


This is the first post in a series of 3, where I share what my trip to Paris told me about personal style and fashion strategies for us, Moms.To keep everything nice and tidy, here’s the link to the other posts in the series:

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