Top 5 easiest summer activities for busy moms! — my favorites Pinterest Pins

Top 5 easiest summer activities for busy moms! — my favorites Pinterest Pins

Summer is almost there!😎 Isn’t it exciting to finally enjoy more sun in the city? The countdown for the end of school is definitely in the air guys!! With that in mind, I started browsing Pinterest and I was drawn to simple, easy and unexpected ideas to enjoy super-fun activities with the whole family. So today I’m over excited to share with you my 5 favorites Pinterest picks to help you enjoy super-easy/fun-filled Summer activities!

Ready? Set. Go!

Number #5 — Drawings with chalks

This one requires just a couple of chalks and will keep the kids busy for a loooong time:


Number #4 — Fairy Gardens

Another idea I love is to create a super easy Fairy Garden with the kids: using only small toys kids already own and a tiny portion of the backyard of a plant pot, this is a craft activity moms and kids can enjoy together:


Number #3 — Funny Heads

The third one is also soo easy: print a couple of these ready-to-use printable faces provided in this pin and give the kids some magazines. How fun is this?


Number #2 — Pretend Play Stations

You will have a lot of fun with Pretend Play Stations! From 1-year-old to Teens, what’s not to love with creating an easy-peasy Car Wash Pretend Play Station, a Shoe Store or a Library Pretend Play Station?


Number #1 —  The easy Picnic

My number one is one of my personal Summer Favorites AND the easiest Summer activity ever! Grab a blanket, put SIMPLE stuff in plastic containers and head to the park with the whole family. Easy-peasy Summer Picnic!


That’s all Folks!

For more Summer Activities ideas for the kids and simple suggestions to make summer fun, I created a Pinterest Board to help you fight Summer Boredom. I’m sure you’ll find some additional ideas over there 😊

Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest. I’m always pinning loads of smart resources for parents and beautiful images & inspiration over there!

Happy Organizing!


This is the second post in a series of 4, where I share strategies, tactics and printable tools for moms to enjoy an amazing summer this year. To keep everything nice and tidy, here’s the link to the other posts in the series:

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