Hello, moms! How is life going under the sun? If family vacation is on your summer roadmap this year, I’m sure you already gave a thought or two to the clothes and personal items you’re going to pack for the kids. But did you consider using a packing checklist? Let’s dive into this, ladies:

A couple of months ago, as my husband and I were planning summer, I knew this year would take the packing challenge to a whole new level. And yes, we’ve been an expat family for almost 3 years now… But each time I have to pack for us 6 for the whole summer away from home – wherever home would be- I feel it still stretches my organizing skills…

I’ve tried several version of a personalized Excel worksheet since I’m a mom. For years, I scrupulously took the time to list and update all the 150ish items my family usually for the vacation. And yes, it was kind of useful and helped me to prepare a lot of things ahead of time… But the whole process of packing still cost me what felt like an eternity!!

So this year I decided to simplify the packing and to empower the kids, now 11, 9 and 6 to pack themselves. Ok, except maybe baby D who is 2 ☺️

As my goal is to help us moms enjoy a fantastic summer this year, I thought you and I could benefit from a couple of cheat-sheets to simplify the packing!

Cheat-sheet #1

First of all, my favorite of all 3: a “done for you” & “ready to use” packing checklist to be checked-off by the kids. It contains everything from clothes to personal items that one child usually needs on a typical summer one-week vacation.

Cheat-sheet #2

In addition, I created a similar packing checklist that you can personalize:

  • by filling in your own quantities of clothes,
  • by adding to the list the items that fit your family’s unique needs.

Cheat-sheet #3

Finally, a packing checklist for moms!

That’s all folks! I hope you’ll found some value in these cheat-sheets to simplify your summer this year!

Happy Organizing,


This is the third post in a series of 4, where I share strategies and printable tools for moms to enjoy an amazing summer this year. To keep everything nice and tidy, here’s the link to the other posts in the series: