Hi everyone,

As I write this it is a bright and sunny day here in Dublin and I feel sooooo energized by this beautiful Spring Season. But now that my kids spend more time outdoors, the toys everywhere is their room and in my living room can not escape my attention anymore.

So with that in mind, I started browsing Pinterest and I was drawn to smart and unexpected ideas to organize toys and games. Take a look with me!

This image gave me the inspiration I needed to organize dolls and their outfits.


This one is the most clever thing for cars, don’t you think?


This is the set-up I currently use for the craft station in my own house:


This one is a clever idea to help little ones build on the go:


This one gave a big aha moment for Playmobil toys.

Isn’t it a smart idea to use some sort of open drawers?


And of course the most important of all, the infographic on decluttering process for toys!

You know me, how could I resist the urge to declutter and get rid of all these odds and ends at the bottom of the toys cubbies…


This month I even created a Pinterest Board dedicated to toy organization, I’m sure you’ll find some additional ideas over there : )

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Happy Organizing!