How to find MORE TIME for you by using Time Blocking

How to find MORE TIME for you by using Time Blocking

We, women, live busy lives. On a weekly basis, I’m finding myself CRAVING more time for me. Is this a feeling you can relate to? This week I’m sharing with you how to use Time Blocking to remedy this.

How to find MORE TIME for you by using Time Blocking
Let me share something personal with you. A couple of months ago, my family and I lost my sweet 94 years old grandmother. She had a quiet and serene death and I’m so thankful to God for the wonderful woman she was. Consequently, I went to Paris for her funeral. Yep, you heard that right, I flew away to Paris one -early- morning and wrote this post at 8:00 pm, still in Paris, waiting for my flight back. That’s one of the things I love about living in Ireland: being so close to my family living in France, being able to hold them tight in my arms when life surprises us…

Being confronted with the loss of a loved one and being away from my sweet husband and 4 kids all day, I realized something. I could finally see that what I thought was stress and usual busy-ness the past few days was, in fact, anger.

Anger was everywhere: in the patience, I was not capable of having, in the words I used to complain about everything, in my never-ending to-do-list. Taking a step back from my life for a whole day made that very clear: I need to better organize my everyday schedule to actually enjoy a fuller human life.

This is when I decided to pick one simple tool in my Time-Management Toolbox:  Time Blocking. So simple. Straight-forward.

Just a plan for my day with a big chunk of “Me-Time” blocked there, with a beginning time and an ending time.

Time Blocking. Too good to be true? Too simple to work for your busy life? I don’t think so. Trust me on this.

Start small. You found a couple of minutes this morning to take your shower, didn’t you? Why not dedicate a small chunk of time for one of YOUR biggest need as a woman? Sure, you need to work, to take care of your family and you have a lot on your plate. But as you need to eat and drink and sleep, you sure need some Me-Time too. Don’t you feel this need to reflect and breath again? To take a step back from your life and rediscover the beauty of it? I think you deserve some time that would at last sooth your tense muscles and eliminates accumulated fatigue. Yes, this is my strong belief that you and I could Time Blocking to create more time for rest, down times and basic self-care.

My go-to idea to dedicate some time just for me? Hot chocolate and a Bible. Best combo ever 🙂 What about you, girls? What is your tried-and-true kind of Me-Time to help you feel better?
Time-Blocking may not be the answer to all your time management issues. But it WILL help you feel more aligned with your emotions and unique needs.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, even in the midst of your busy everyday schedule, to find YOUR precious and unique way to breathe again? So take a step back, organize your schedule by blocking some precious Me-Time, and feel free to use my pretty printable designed just for that!

Here’s a link to your printable template.

Enjoy and take heart, because I’m in this with you 😘

Happy organizing!


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Love this time blocking idea. I use me time often to practice Yoga and stretching. Thank you so much Elise! All the best to your family! Jenny

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