Need help? I’m here with my Organization Kits!

Need help? I’m here with my Organization Kits!


To help you transition to a smoother everyday life, I decided to launch a new concept of Organization Kit.

I have a whole bunch of different kinds and you can now find them in OhContraireBoutique on!

The Decluttering Kit

4 pop-up baskets, huge labels and a cute laminated « Declutter-101 » instruction manual: the Decluttering Kit will help you declutter any space of your house.

Spring cleaning bug? Toy overflow? Cluttered attic, basement or garage? Unopened boxes from your last move? Our organizing challenges are all unique… but they all require the same tools and a step by step plan.
The Decluttering Kit is my tried-and-true magic wand designed to help you master any major organization challenge in your house.

This Organization Kit is already available in my Etsy Shop!


An 18-page ebook to help you create Family Rules, Family Meetings, and your own Kids’Chore System perfectly in just 5 days. Just because The Family First Toolbox was created for busy families with strong family values but not a lot of time!

Are you eager to build a strong family spirit? Do you need to create amazing and strong relationships with your kids? To get more help from your kids with the household chores? Would you like to teach them self-reliance and responsibilities? Are you wondering how to teach them real-life skills AND to get a tidier house at the same time?

The Family First Toolbox will help you achieve all these goals, but it will most of all:
• Help you engage in meaningful and deep conversations with your kids and spouse
• Allow you to share the load of the household chores with those who most contribute to the household mess
• Bring more meaningful and fun-packed family moments, more often

This Organization Kit is also available in my Etsy Shop!

« Home office in a box » – yet to come!

A pretty fabric basket with everything you need to manage the incoming paperwork on a day to day basis. Convenient AND simple: no piles of paper in your house anymore: you can use the basket wherever you want in the house and then put everything back in it to help you keep your place tidy! Available soon on my Etsy Shop!

« New Year kick-start box» – yet to come!

A whole toolkit dedicated to your own fabulous new year: plan the whole year with your family, set 2017 family and personal goals, work with to-do-list, archive 2016, create an organized file system for the new year, learn how to boost your productivity by using time blocks. Available soon on my Etsy Shop!

Each organizing toolbox has a launch price of 50 dollars – and of course on Etsy you’ll be able to pay in Euros too.
Happy organizing!

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