Could morning and evening routines change our day?

Could morning and evening routines change our day?

Yesterday, a dear friend of mine asked me to help her with her routines.  It made me wonder: are routines really such a good tool for us?  We already struggle with our kids’ routines and our own busy schedules.  Do we really need to add more structure to our already overscheduled lives?

Well, let’s put it this way: maybe routines are like a good friend – keeping us on track during good times and holding our hands in bad ones.

Whether you want to give new routines a try or just revamp the ones you already have in place, this is how you can make it work.

Step #1

First, you need a vision. What constitutes a “good morning” for you and will bring you joy and peace for the day?  What needs to be done before waking up the kids?  And what about before leaving the house?  How could you plan the morning hours to make everyone smile, especially yourself?  Make a list!

Step #2

Then, for each bullet point on your list, ask yourself THE question: what could I do the night before that would transform this task into something easy and enjoyable in the morning?  Put together a nice outfit for yourself and hang it ready for the morning?  Fill a small bottle with milk so your five-year-old can make her own breakfast without your help?  Help your older child to set the breakfast table?  Help the kids to prepare clothes for the next day in their cute little baskets?

Step #3

Third, organize your morning and evening routines.  Tasks should be done in the most logical order for you.  Will you be taking your coffee alone before family breakfast, or with the kids?  Would you like to wake up with a hot shower or take a quiet bath in the evening?  Do you prefer to plan the day ahead after the kids are in bed or first thing in the morning?

Step #4

You should also try to integrate best household practices into your routines.  You could get some ideas from your friends and copy those that seem to work well for them or create your own.  This way, you will reach serious efficiency in your routines!  Usual golden rules in this area include: empty the dishwasher as soon as you walk into the kitchen every morning, do one load of laundry before breakfast, and check your meal plan for the day before leaving the kitchen.  May I suggest a tip that works well for me?  Try waking up at least 30 minutes before the kids.  This will help you take care of YOUR needs and help you enjoy your mornings!

Would you like some help to kick start and create your wonderful little routines?  I created a cute template & how-to, super easy to use!

Routines Template

Or if you prefer something completely personalized to your unique needs, contact me, I can help!

Happy Organizing!


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