The day I discovered the process behind the organizing

The day I discovered the process behind the organizing

Tonight I feel as if I was a fairy. With large and airy wings… and most of all a very-very efficient magic wand. Do you want to know what my magic wand was today ? It’s the “very-old-but-always-in” book by Julie Morgenstern : “Organizing from the inside out”. Ok, I hear you, I MAY be the last person on the planet to finaly discover this book. It changed the life of so many people before me.
When I read this book a week ago, I knew immediatly I had found at least what I was looking for, for so long : a process!!! So I did what I do best : I took notes and then….made a printable!!!!

Yes, my dear, you can have it. For free 🙂 this is the link you can click on to access my pretty printable.

But what on earth are you going to do with it ?? Attack your small-but-crowded bathroom cabinets ? Go to defeat once and for all your attics’ clutter ? For me, the answer was right on my face, every single meal of every single day : my kitchen cabinets!

Do you want to see the before and after photos ? These are the from the kitchen cabinets and drawers BEFORE : no need to tell you I had to open 3 drawers to find my everyday and favorite knives, pacing at the same time a crying baby and a hungry troop of wolves crowded around my legs 🙂

thumb_IMG_4885_1024 thumb_IMG_4884_1024 thumb_IMG_4883_1024 thumb_IMG_4882_1024 thumb_IMG_4880_1024 thumb_IMG_4879_1024 thumb_IMG_4878_1024 thumb_IMG_4877_1024

So these below are the “after” photos. Suddenly I can breath when I open the drawers and cabinets… hum that’s feels so good!

thumb_IMG_4924_1024 thumb_IMG_4914_1024 thumb_IMG_4913_1024 thumb_IMG_4911_1024 thumb_IMG_4910_1024 thumb_IMG_4909_1024 thumb_IMG_4908_1024 thumb_IMG_4907_1024

Feel free to nag me, I’m sure YOU can do a lot better, because NOW you have my printable 🙂

Kiss kiss



Congrats on your new blog ! (And on organizing your kitchen!!) You’re inspiring me to read that book and tackle some organizing projects (using your pretty printable of course :))

Impressive transformation! It’s as if changed by a magic wand. I think I’ll skip the book and just use your nice chart. Mainly for my closets…

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