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Taking care of the kiddos, maintaining a decent and clean-enough home, keeping up with the kids’ schedule & your own needs….we all know the feeling of having too many balls in the air!
But where to begin with? How do you decide what task can wait till next week and which one has to be the main priority for your day?

My answer to that comes in 2 words: quick wins. You need quick wins, Sister!

 How great is it to feel empowered by checking off some good old checklist?? What not whatever checklist, if you ask me…THE cheat-sheet checklist to become AND STAY the most organized and happy mom ever.

And this is exactly what you’ll be going to find in the FREE Organized Mom Cheat Sheet: a curated checklist of daily, weekly, monthly….. quick wins to lighten your mental load!

Working moms, stay-at-home moms, Work-from-home moms, is there one woman out there that would not benefit a magic want to lighten her invisible mental load that goes with running a household, having a career and being the main carer of the kids?

For me, the solution comes in 2 words: Quick Wins. Start Quick wins that empower us at home, quick wins that give us the feeling to be in control of our time again, quick wins that help us spend fantastic family moments.

But what if you could use a simple Cheat-Sheet to simplify all of that? The house-keeping… the schedules…finding more time for you, your husband and the kids… and enjoying a clutter-free house? My checklist can help!

With everything from time-management to cleaning/organizing the house and spending more quality time with the family, I created a curated checklist to help you become the most organized mom ever with:
  • Daily tasks
  • Weekly tasks
  • Monthly tasks
  • Quaterly tasks
  • and Yearly tasks
Everything in a one-page, realistic and easy to follow checklist!

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