Organization Coach for Moms

Bringing peace, self-confidence and simple organizing into busy moms’ lives.

What if your time, your family and your house were organized in a way that perfectly fit your own and unique needs? What if a more peaceful life, a more self-confident You and a clutter-free home were within reach?

As an Organization Coach for Moms and a Certified Professional Organizer, I provide:

  • One-to-one coaching services — face to face or by skype
  • Organization Services such as decluttering, paper management and organizing rooms to fit your family’s unique needs.
  • Speaking Engagements — in schools or offices
  • Girls’ Night Workshops for moms — with themes like Time Management, Back to school, Spring decluttering ..

As an Organization Consultant, my goal is to equip you with efficient and personalized tools to manage your time, your family, your household and belongings. I especially provide personalized documents such as personal routines for you or your kids, task management systems, planners and schedules or step-by-step personalized de-cluttering plans.

Here are a couple of topics on where I was successfully able to help my clients:

“I don’t have enough time for self-care.”
→ Implementation of a 168h week log book and strategies to reinvent the weekly schedule.

“I’m losing control of my schedule.”
→ creation of a personal routine for mom and each of her 3 kids

“I am a stay-at-home mom and want to start to work from home.”
→ Implementation of a new time management system (Planner, personal routines, vision & roles scope reorganisation …)

“I suffer from ADHD and I’m a writer”
→ Creation of an organized home office with open storage and visual labels

“I started the decluttering of 5 different spaces in my house and I cannot see the end of it.”
→ Weekly coaching increasing accountability and allowing for a successful decluttering.

As a compassionate Coach, I will be dedicated to encourage, support, empathize and help you taping the “wisdom within” to get and stay organized for good. I will focus on what will keep you motivated to move forward your dreams, goals and tasks!

At $50 an hour, my services will bring you:

  • Relief and calm when setting up solutions that really fit your unique needs
  • A feeling of peace in a de-cluttered and organized home
  • The wonderful sensation of knowing how to stay organized for good
  • Less stress… equals better sleep… and better health!
  • A well-organized life to enjoy more time for what matters most

Don’t wait! Your desire for more peace and more self-confidence in managing your house is a super-power! Leverage it today and reach out for a free 30 minutes consultation by sending me a quick email at: